What Pakistan did not receive now took the help of Kashmiri apples, knowing that it would be very surprising

 Despite the regularly jarring reaction from Hindustan, a darkish spectrum of people has pop out of Pakistan's glory.  Sources found in Pakistan's proper at the apple had been observed in an apple field in a begging town of Mansa in Kashmir.  The slogan 'Pakistan Zindabad' and 'Hum Pakistani Hai Aur Pakistan Hamara Hai' had been located at the apple to unfold fear a few of the human beings.  On receiving a complaint, the police are asking to be investigated immediately.


 Subhash Chandra, who runs a fruit stand in front of the bus stand in Bhikhi, removed the apple from the inner, and internal it discovered the apples written through such assets.  Buta Singh, who works on his rack, stated that he removed apples from the container, and noticed something written all over the apple.  Even if he changed into washing apples, the above textual content did now not go away, so he informed the police.


 The shopkeeper knowledgeable the police, worrying an research into the whole rely.  So the police have seized the apple as soon as it's miles notified.  In this regard, DCP Harjinder Singh Gill stated that the apple, which runs a fruit basket, become offered from Pawan Kumar from Mansa Mandi.  The apples have been seized and further research is underway.


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