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5 suspects arrested in murder of Providence teen

February 10, 2014 Pawtucket No Comments

(Clockwise starting top left). Alain Bedame, Ashner Alexis, Limamou Ndoye, and Anthony Moore have all been charged in a murder of 17-year-old George Holland. Photos pleasantness of a Providence Police

WPRO Newsroom

Providence military have arrested 5 suspectsin tie with a murder of 17-year-old George Holland.

18-year aged Ashner Alexis, 18-year-old Alain Bedame of Pawtucket, 19-year-old Limamou Ndoye of Providence, and 21-year-old Anthony Moore of Woonsocket were arraigned in Providence District Court. A youthful theme has also been arrested

All 5 have been charged with one count of First Degree Murder and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

The 4 adults have been systematic hold though bail until Feb 21. The teenager is being hold during a Rhode Island Training School and will seem in family justice on Friday to answer to a charges.

It is purported Alexis, Bedame, and Ndoye met in Providence and discussed committing a murder. The 3 afterwards gathering to a residence in Woonsocket and met adult with a other dual suspects where it is purported they talked some-more about a murder afterwards gathering to residence on Colfax Street.

Police trust a sharpened was not a pointless act of violence, though George Holland was not a dictated target.

Some kin of Holland were in assemblage for a arraignments.

“It was hard, only to demeanour during them, they’re so young, my nephew was so immature and senseless, it didn’t make no sense, my nephew was only visiting,” pronounced Gina Bly, Holland’s Aunt. She says she hopes they get what they deserve.

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